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In Māori tradition, Papatūānuku is the land. She is a mother earth figure who gives birth to all things, including people. Trees, birds, and people are born from the land, which then nourishes them.
Māori have strong spiritual bonds to the land, Papatūānuku. She provides unity and identity to her people and sustains them. It is very important that we protect our land and water from erosion, deforestation, and inappropriate land use.
Māori thinks that Papatūānuku sustains all life and that they are spiritually connected to her.
In the beginning, Ranginui (the sky) and Papatūānuku (the earth) were joined together, and their children were born between them in darkness. The children decided to separate their parents, to allow light to come into the world. After this, the children became gods of various parts of the natural world. For example, Tāne became the god of the forests and Tangaroa the god of the sea.
© Maria Francesca Melis

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