The core of this brief was to plan and design a cultural event supplying a range of appropriate deliverables including posters, lanyards, wristbands, and a UX-tested wayfinding system with, maps, flags, and signage. ​​​​​​​
The event I created, called Garden Grooves and organised by the Hamilton Council, aims to celebrate spring and takes place during the equinox week in September. 
Sponsored by Wecompost, and The Breeze Radio is a one-day cultural event hosted in the well-known Hamilton Gardens.
The different gardens, in all their seasonal glory, set the scene for a groovy music line-up, interactive workshops, kids' activities, and discussions about gardening, environmental issues, and sustainable practices. 
The music lineup will feature the most promising and groovy New Zealand musicians on the scene at the moment with artists like international acclaimed Lorde, Marlon Williams, Tami Neilson, Troy Kingi, Hollie Smith & Deva Mahal.
- Wecompost will be leading a workshop about 3 different types of composting systems: traditional composting bins, worm farms, and Bokashi buckets.
- Leo Murray will introduce us to his socio-ecological enterprise Why Waste;
- Botanist Hugh Wilson will lead a speech about the importance of biodiversity;
- Maggie Barry and "bug man" Ruud Kleinpaste, former hots of The Garden Show, will talk about gardening and plants;
- Lucy Lawless, climate ambassador for Greenpeace will talk about her experience with six other Greenpeace activists, boarding an oil drilling ship at Port Taranaki, trying to stop it from leaving for the Arctic where it was going to take part in oil exploration.
The festival, born to create awareness for preserving nature through sustainable practices, will be plastic-free and all the waste created will be recyclable and biodegradable. Food trucks and vendors will be selected specifically so that food and drinks sold will be produced sustainably and without the use of plastic materials.
The event will have a family audience, with a maximum capacity of 3500 people.
It will be ticketed with different prices based on single attendee and/or family groups. 
Its success will be measured by the number of tickets sold and the response to the marketing and the campaign produced.
© Maria Francesca Melis
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