Part of this brief was to create a suitable packaging solution for a New Zealand alcohol brand looking to re-energise its marketing by producing a range of complementary food products in conjunction with other NZ brands. 
My solution to this brief is to pair the well-known New Zealand brewery Garage Project with the oldest ice creamery in the country, Rush Munro's. Taking inspiration from the circus's colourful and fun world and its snacks, I created three flavoured beers that pair with three flavours of ice cream. 
The Contortionist is a candy floss flavoured pale ale that pairs with an organic candy floss ice cream; The Equilibrist, an apple gummy milk stout that pairs with an organic apple gummy flavoured ice cream and, finally The Snakecharmer, a vanilla animal cookie flavoured hazy daze that pairs with an animal cookie vanilla ice cream.
The illustrated characters and typography used, take inspiration from traditional circus posters and old-school designs. The colour palette and diamond patterns are specifically made of primary colours with predominantly red, blue, and yellow to emphasise the circus theme and its classic tones. 
© Maria Francesca Melis
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